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Nexlink® 1U Rackmount Servers

nexlink 1U rackmount

Nexlink® 1U Rackmount Servers are smallest in height from our rackmount offering but provide flexibility and serviceability in a optimized solution for organizations running front-end Internet, Web-hosting, and HPC applications.

nexlink R1000-IV3 1U Rackmount

Nexlink® R1000-IV3 1U Rackmount Server »
The Nexlink® R1000-IV3 Rackmount server is a simple entry level server for small to medium businesses and corporate departments looking for a dedicated rack server.

  • Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1200 V3 Series
  • Up to 4 x 3.5" Hot-Swappable SATA or SAS
  • Intel S1200V3RP Motherboard
nexlink IP-R1208GZ4GC 1U Rackmount

Nexlink® IP-R1208GZ4GC 1U Rackmount Server »
The Nexlink® IP-R1208GZ4GC Rackmount server delivers the best combination of adaptive performance, energy effiecieny, and intelligent flexibility to meet your customers' evolving and diverse data center needs.

  • Two Intel® Xeon® Processor
  • Up to 8 x 2.5" Hot-Swappable SATA or SAS
  • Intel S2600GZ Motherboard
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